Stefanie Johnson

Brief info

Stefanie Johnson, née Nation, (born June 7, 1984) is an American professional bowler and a notable figure in the world of bowling. Born in Miami, Florida, Stefanie was introduced to the sport at a young age, and her passion and natural talent for bowling quickly became apparent.

Stefanie attended the University of Central Florida, where she was an instrumental part of their bowling team. Following graduation, she turned professional and has since established herself as one of the top competitors in women's bowling.

Throughout her career, Stefanie has accumulated numerous titles on the Professional Women's Bowling Association (PWBA) Tour, demonstrating her prowess on the lanes. She has been recognized multiple times as a member of Team USA and has represented her country in various international competitions, earning numerous medals for her exceptional performances.

In 2015, Stefanie achieved a significant milestone by winning the PWBA Storm Sacramento Open, which marked her first title since the relaunch of the PWBA Tour. In 2018, she reached another career pinnacle when she was named the PWBA Player of the Year.

Known for her impressive consistency and technical skill, Stefanie continues to be a leading figure in the sport.

Off the lanes, Stefanie is known for her commitment to promoting the sport, serving as an ambassador for bowling, and being a role model for young, aspiring bowlers. Her influence extends beyond her performance on the lanes, as she continues to inspire future generations of bowlers with her dedication and success.

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